More on JPOS, JPOSEE, Client and Server Simulators


In this post, I would like to talk about my understanding of the server and client simulators in the JPOSEE project. The reason, I am writing this article is because I have received several request from readers of my blog and users from the

about understanding how to get started with JPOS. So, I am attempting to see if my understanding can be useful to others who might be interested in improving their understanding of the JPOS library.

Gosu thoughts - List and Array Expansion(*.)

gosu lang

Gosu is a language I have been working with since 2011. 2011 was not the first time I encountered Gosu. My first brief meeting with Gosu was back in 2007,  when I was on an insurance project in Wisconsin. At that time it was called GScript.

My first impression was that this is JavaScript mixed with Java. I obviously did not understand much about it since I was still new in my career. My impression today about Gosu is that it is Java with additional syntactic sugar as some would like to say.