JPOSEE In NetBeans

On the jpos wiki, there is a tutorial for setting up jposee with eclipse. In this post, I will be setting up the jposee framework with Netbeans.

The easiest way to start is to get the source as directed in this document(jposee pdf). Prerequisite for this tutorial would be java, ant, subversion and of course the netbeans IDE.

Open up a terminal/console and run the following svn check out command.

svn checkout jposee-netbean




Start up NetBeans. Click on File > New projects


Select Java > Java Project with Existing Sources


Browse to the folder you check out the jposee source into and click open.




Name the project whatever you like. Netbeans creates a nbbuild.xml file because jposee already has a build.xml file. Click Finish.


In Netbeans, click on the file browser and expand the project.


Click on the nbbuild.xml file created by the IDE and add the following lines to the bottom of the file


The next step would be to compile/build jposee. Go to the project view in netbeans, right click on your project and select build.


This will create the build directory. The next step is to set up the run command properly so that netbeans would be nice to our jposee framework. Right click on the project again and select properties. nb-properties

Click on Libraries. In the Compile tab, select Add Jar/Folder. Browse to the build/lib directory and select all the libraries.


Repeat the above step for the Run tab also. Select the Run in the List of Categories. Fill in the following fields: Main Class: org.jpos.q2.Q2 Working Directory : /jposee-home/build nb-run-config

Click Ok and you are done. Run the project by clicking the the Run button or by right clicking the project and selecting Run.


To work on your own module in the module directory, simply add your module's src directory to the source tree in netbeans( Make sure the build/src directory is also added to the source tree).

To do this, you would right click on your project. In the List of Categories, select the Sources node and click on the Add Folder.

Select your module > Click on open.


Make sure you add the libraries( Jar files ) your module depends on to the Compile and Run tab under the Libraries node.

I hope you find this tutorial useful for your jposee projects......

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