Install view xaviews for oracle identity manager install

If you receive this error while running the rcu tool for fusion middle ware component oracle identity manager


Error:  XATRANS Views are not installed on this Database. This is required by the OIM Schema
  Action: Install view XAVIEWS as SYS user on this Database.
        Refer to the Oracle Database Release Documentation for installation details.


Solution :

As the SYS user, enable the Oracle database for XA by performing the following steps:Configure the database for XA by running the following script on the WPSDB database:

Connec to database instance as sysdba

 #sqlplus "/as sysdba"
@ORACLE_HOME/javavm/install/initxa.sql script


Also run 



 Run the following commands:

show parameters PROCESSES (should be more 300)
show parameters NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS  (should be BYTE)
show parameters SHARED_POOL_SIZE (should be more 147456KB)
show parameters SGA_MAX_SIZE (should be more 147456KB)
show parameters DB_BLOCK_SIZE (is greater than or equal to 8KB)

show parameters OPEN_CURSORS (should be more 800)



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